Annual Contributions

Giving in Freedom

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What's Needed to Create Our program

We strive to follow the principles of brotherhood and sisterhood in economics, equality in human rights, and freedom in culture, spirituality and education. In brotherhood and sisterhood we share the costs of the program, and families are invited to give as much as they can.


The total requested financial contribution for the school year is $17,500 and includes a home cooked organic lunch each day. There are no extra fees.  For additional children in a family, the requested contribution is $14,500.



Our fixed costs include rent, utilities, insurance and the cost of high quality supplies. All art supplies and musical instruments are included.  Each family contributes a share of the fixed costs of the program.  We estimate these costs to be $3,000 a year per family.  We ask families to contribute this share of the fixed costs upon enrollment when possible.  Payment plans are available and based on financial need.


Fixed Cost Share: $3,000.00 per family for the school year. This amount is prorated monthly and reduces $300 each month.  For example, if the enrollment begins in December, the fixed cost share  would be $2,100.


Contractual Agreement:   $1,450 a month 

Our teachers offer this program in freedom, out of an intention to engage in their life’s work, to build community, and to create a school for the children in the future.   Payments toward teachers’ life-needs help to make this possible, and are considered gift-money, rather than a fee for service.  The amount each teacher receives is based on financial need, rather than their hours of work, or area of work in the program.  The contractual agreement is a pledged gift for the life needs of the teachers, and also includes costs for a healthy organic lunch each day.

We will strive to serve every family who comes towards us regardless of financial need, and do not require every family to contribute the same amount.  We will meet with each family individually to discuss their contributions to the program.  It is our intention to create a space for free giving out of each individual’s will to develop a healthy education for their children, and to support the future initiative of a school for all children.

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