Our Board of Directors

“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom"

Over 6o years of cumulative experience

The sungate teachers are standing together under a tree holding sunflowers.
SunGate Board of Directors
Sarah and Veronika two teachers looking at each other

Sarah Deichmann

“SunGate began for me in the summer of 2019, when it was becoming more and more apparent that the school I was looking for didn’t currently exist.  As a mother of two young girls, and as an educator, I was searching for a school community that aligned with my family’s values.  We want our children to be nurtured, protected, and free to move, to play and to be truly human.  For us, being truly human means acknowledging that there is an eternal, spiritual aspect of the human being, and it is this true self in each of us that is revealed through social encounters.” 

Sarah Deichmann, MA CCE brings over fifteen years of experience as a class teacher, reading specialist, and special education teacher.  She holds a masters degree in special education and a post graduate certification in curative education.

Alex Razo

“In a world where uncertainty reigns, I was certain that we could build spaces where our children could be protected by allowing them to be children, and to be taught by teachers that hold the sacred image of the  human being as having spiritual, soul and physical dimensions.  Creating a salutogenic program where all three dimensions would be honored and creatively educated so that the human child can become a true human being, and do the work they came here to do.  This is what I hold the ideal for SunGate to be.”

Alex Razo has over eleven years of combined and varied experience in homeschooling, organizing cooperatives and teaching at a Waldorf school.  She has a bachelor’s degree and two minors, including Spanish.  Alex has studied Waldorf education with Alkion Institute and Waldorf World Language Education at Sunbridge.

Veronika Roemer

“When I joined the SunGate group in the autumn of 2020, I felt immediately that I had found my colleagues and my new place of work.  I feel very fortunate to have found this new initiative where I can contribute what I have built up in my field of music teaching over many years, and where we are committed to working out of Anthroposophy.”

Veronika Roemer holds music college degrees in viola and piano.  In addition to her classical training, Veronika has 30 years of experience in teaching the lyre and choroi flute, as well as singing with children and adults through individual lessons and group instruction.  

Treacy Gallagher

“With the benefit of hindsight, I have come to realize that my working at SunGate was fated.  Though I was part of the initiative’s larger group and was fully on board to support them in every possible way, I didn’t think I was in a position to change the necessary circumstances which would allow me to actually work there.  Fate had a different plan and changed those circumstances for me.  I now find myself in a dream job – working out of Anthroposophy with like-minded colleagues in a warm, loving environment to provide a  nurturing education to children.”

Treacy Gallagher is a movement and games specialist with over fifteen years of experience in teaching and administration in Waldorf Schools.  Treacy has completed trainings in Spatial Dynamics, child development, and the Waldorf curriculum.  

Treacy and Alex two teachers looking at each other

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