A Generosity of The Heart


Gifts are given freely as an offering from the heart to help support our educational community and deepen the children’s experience of the curriculum. 

On this page are found items that would enhance the indoor and outdoor spaces at SunGate and positively affect the children’s experience.  Please feel free to visit the links and purchase any of these items.  If you have something similar at home that might do, please send us an email with a photo.  When you purchase something, please let us know so we can take it off the page.


We invite you join us in creating a home for the SunGate Educational Community by donating monetary contributions through our Venmo account. If you have any questions or run into any difficulty, please reach out.  

Scan Venmo QR Code with your phone's camera
white child's hands cupped together holding found acorns

We have nothing in the gallery right now.  But please check back later.

If you have something similar to an item in the Gift Gallery above, that is gently used and that you already own, please email a picture of it.  Thank you.  

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