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Children hanging blown out dyed eggs onto tree branches in a pot

Spring Newsletter

April/May 2024

We explored our relationship to the rhythms of the earth, and the renewal of Spring through crafts, song, eurythmy and working on the land. 

January/February Newsletter

January/February 2024

On February 2nd, we celebrate Candlemas.  The children hear about how the earth begins to wake from her winter slumber.  We make a candle in the earth by melting wax, and creating a wick.  We pour the earth candle together and sing a blessing, with gratitude for the land that we love!  “

November/December Newsletter

November/December 2023

“In November we began some new activities in the Kindergarten. On Mondays we work on a handwork project:  Cleaning and carding our yellow and pink wool.  The oldest children dyed the wool with wood chips and cochineal, and …“

October Newsletter

October 2023

“In October we have had a little more ease navigating the deer trails in the woods in the mornings, noticing the changes in the forest. Curiously we have come to know many lovely boulders, trees, and animal dens…”

Fall Newsletter

Fall 2022

“Way up high in the apple tree, two little apples smiled at me..” This newsletter includes a story of Johnny Appleseed, a description of a trip to a friend’s apple orchard, a movement game and a little vignette on “Finding the Middle.”

September Newsletter

September 2021

This edition of the newsletter has a great recipe for spelt buns, finger games and an evening verse to say with children.

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